AMP is a package of PHP Development environment. You won’t find any course named about amp. But this is an installation package.

If you are thinking of web development in PHP, Then you must watch this course. As I said earlier this course is about setting environment for PHP Development. PHP development requires 3 steps.

First Setup Apache Server, after install MySQL, if you require good user interface for MySQL then install Phpmyadmin and finally PHP.

This course covers all this thing. These things may vary from system to system. For example if you are using mac or Linux it may have different steps. Today there is installation bundle available for almost all operating system. WAMP, MAMP and LAMP are for windows, mac and Linux respectively.

This course covers for Windows, how you can setup AMP for Windows. Topics in this course include, why AMP and introduction to AMP. How it works and its complete explanation tour, from where you can download? Installation process, after installation we will have a tour of exploring different part and aspects of AMP, exploring different directories which are generated after complete installation process, what is the usage of particular directory, and creating first simple web page.

So this course covers complete installation and environment setup process for PHP Development. If you want to learn more about PHP and MySQL then you can go to our database and Scripting Language Section.


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