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In IT Industry Data is everything, as the word IT itself Information technology. Information can only derived from Data. So to store the data we use various databases. Database is one of most important part in any software development process. Big companies like Google and Facebook rely totally on data and if data is lost then it is considered to be a catastrophic event. There will be huge amount of capital and opportunity loss. That’s why Data is a very crucial thing in IT and therefore today Data administration and Data Science is one of the highest paying jobs in the world.


List of Courses – The Courses you’ll learn in this category

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle


Use Cases – Where these courses are useful

This category is all about Databases and DataBase Management Systems  (DBMS – The system used to store, retrieve and manipulate data). The language used by most DBMS is Structured Query Language (SQL), there are some other DBMS that uses different languages but SQL is the most popular and widely used across industries so we are only going to focus on SQL.

You can choose any one of mentioned database for your application as per your requirement. Each one has its own set of features. For example with PHP generally MySQL is used in Linux systems – it’s open source and light weight.

MS SQL Server is mostly used with Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET and C#.NET, these languges are fine tuned to work with MS SQL Server and they are also widely used on Windows servers.

When we consider large enterprise software (Software used to manage Big Businesses and Governments) Oracle Database is the default choice. Oracle was the first Relational DBMS and it’s still the favorite DBMS for applications where there is a huge amount of data involved.

Oracle is used to build systems in Bank, Telecommunications, Online Commerce, Healthcare and Government IT systems. It also uses SQL that’s why if you learn any one of these DBMS it will be easier for you to adapt any other.

As we mentioned before Database Management and Database Administration is one of the highest paying jobs in IT industry but even if you are interested in building your career as a programmer doing any kind of software development will require you to learn these DBMS and SQL.

Learning SQL is fun and easy, once you learn these skills you’ll be much better as an IT professional.

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