Desktop Publishing

This category contains courses for those people who want to go for designing. 7 Courses a perfect pack for beginner designers. Desktop publishing courses are used mainly for designing purpose, although it has many other uses like typesetting and documentation related work.


List of Courses – The Courses you’ll learn in this category

  • CorelDRAW
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe fireworks
  • Adobe Edge Animate


Use Cases – Where these courses are useful

Adobe and other companies have come up with a suite of application software to make the job easier. Drag and drop feature of these software makes it easy to be used by anyone that’s why it is used by wide audience including web developers. Other than being used in web designing these software are also used by graphic designers, photo professionals, printing agencies and media.

CorelDRAW is used by graphic designers, brochure / logo and other corporate designers. Photoshop is used by photo professionals, it is well known all around the world for its functionalities and ease of use.

Adobe Illustrator is used by vector graphic designers, this is one of very popular software and most used software for graphic designing.  

Adobe InDesign is also one of the desktop publishing software, it’s not so popular but it is heavily used for print media like books, brochure, posters.

Adobe Fireworks and Edge Animate are software which are used by web developers, to create web layouts, web designs, page formats and working prototype.

So after learning the courses in this category you can join a design agency or a media house as a designing professional. You can also work as a web designer if you know these skills combined with some of the courses in our Web Designing and Scripting Category.

Overall this category appeals to people who are interested in learning technicalities of art, it’s for people having interest in visual representation.

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