Can you imagine world without internet? Internet is today’s basic need. Without internet, today you can’t do bank transaction, can’t shop online, can’t book tickets, railways won’t work without internet. So Internet is everywhere.

There are infinite use cases of internet. There is no limitation of internet. This course is all about browsing through internet. Internet is a door way to world at your computer. You can do many things by just seating at your computer. This course is little introduction about internet. You will find very basic things in this course. Like what is internet browser? How you can use browser to utilize the internet? What is website? For what purpose website is used? How you can open particular website?  How you can go to one website from other website? Important features of internet, How to create Gmail account? How you can send email? How you can do web search? These all things are covered in this course.

There always not enough to learn about internet. But you can learn about internet on internet. Yes I know that is recursive. But that’s true.

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