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Computer has brought revolution in word processing. Today computers are very basic need of any office. Microsoft products have revolutionized the way we manage our office. MS Office suit have done a wonderful work in automating and managing office work. This categories courses are all about the how can we manage our office in a best way.

This Category includes following courses,

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS Power Point
  4. MS Publisher
  5. MS Outlook
  6. MS Visio
  7. MS Front Page
  8. Tally ERP 9

In this Category 7 courses out of 8 are from MS Office Suite and one is another courses.

These all courses are very useful; usefulness of particular courses may be different from person to person. For example, MS word is mostly needed to those people who manage formatted textual and semi formatted textual information. This software is very useful for writers, report makers, documenters and those who want to store lots of textual information in good formatted manner.

World’s one of the powerful software for spreadsheet is MS Excel. This is very useful when you want to store financial data, and after that you want to do extensive reporting on that.

So this category includes very useful software, PowerPoint which is used to create very beautiful courses, MS Publisher used to mainly to create publishing related stuff. For mailing stuff outlook is best option, MS Visio is wonderful for created graphical representation of various system. Front page tool by which u can create basic html web pages by just few clicks, that fascinating, isn’t it?

Tally ERP is the only course which is not a part of MS Office Suite. This is very useful software for inventory management.

So after learning this category, there will be many scopes for you about making careers in normal offices and administrative tasks. Today these are the basic software which are needed to work in any office. So this is best category if you want to work in offices and learn the software which can manage your office in efficient way.

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