Special Courses

We call these courses special because they serve the need to be special in IT world, being a Mobile Application Developer and/or Ethical Hacker is a trend in IT professionals. Everyone want to get into these fields for many reasons including – higher demand in market and cool technologies.

These courses are depended on many of our other courses, make sure you have learned prerequisite skills for these courses to be able to learn the concepts and technologies involved.


List of Courses – The Courses you’ll learn in this category

  • Android Application Development Fundamentals
  • iOS Application Development Fundamentals
  • Ethical Hacking


Use Cases – Where these courses are useful

All courses are very useful and covers essential of particular platform. For example today there is a huge market for Android Apps. Android Development course will teach you basics of how to develop android application. What are the features and what is the process to start App development. Similarly iPhone Development, when you want to develop apps for APP Store these course can be helpful. Ethical Hacking is all about cyber security and how can you protect your software/system from common attacks.


Special Courses

The title of these courses are pretty self explanatory and if you are pursuing any of theses courses you are already familiar with the kind of opportunities they bring with themselves.

We taught the essentials of these platforms that should get you started in your career as a Mobile App developer or Cyber Security professional.

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