Web Designing and Scripting

This category contains variety of courses related to web development, web designing and scripting. If you don’t know anything about web designing, here you will find courses from basic, mid-level and advanced courses.

Courses in this category are professional and career oriented courses. After learning these courses you can dive deep into particular courses from other sources. These courses are essential, they are fun to learn and also can earn you lot of money, if you want to become Professional Web Developer.


List of Courses – The Courses you’ll learn in this category :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • WML
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • VBScript
  • Ajax
  • Adobe Dreamweaver


Sub Category – Frontend & Backend

For frontend development basics you will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript. For backend development you will learn PHP, ASP.NET, JSP then you can take higher level courses like jQuery, DHTML and then you are ready to take courses that combines both frontend and backend like AJAX.


Overview of Courses – The basic layout of this category

If you want to start from scratch then you will have to start from HTML. HTML is a basically a markup language. This is first pre requisite to any course in this category. Because this is the world’s most used markup language. CSS is a language that describes the style of an HTML document.

As you learn more courses of this category, you will learn to add more and more functionality and features to your web development projects. Like JavaScript to add more dynamic client side programming, JQuery to ease the client side manipulations. XML to for information storage. Ajax for Asynchronous Server side calls.

So this category contains great value for you as an aspiring web developer. After learning skills in this category you will be able to design web pages and create web sites. You will be able to get a decent job in IT industry as demand for a good web developer is ever increasing.

Apart from getting a job and building a professional career, if you are just here to explore you’ll surely enjoy working with it.

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