Windows 7

Today computer is everywhere. It became very personal thing for people. Without computer world looks very hard. But what makes computer so powerful? More specifically why it became so personal? Answer is Operating System.

To normal person Computer is very hard to use without Good Operating System. Operating system is basic building block of computer. There are many operating systems available. Microsoft is pioneer in OS Business. Windows 7 is one of the most popular OS of Microsoft.

This course is all about windows 7. To learn more about computers and software. First you need to learn operating computer, so ultimately you need to learn operating system. Operating system provides you interface for high level programming, entertainment, daily utilization things, office work and what not.

This course covers very basic things about Windows 7 Operating System. After learning this course you will easily be able to operate windows 7 computer.

Many essential feature of this course are covered in this course. Like,

Start Menu is the button which is used as a door to programs installed in computer. This video will explain how u can utilize features of start menu provided by windows 7. In a same way this course will teach you about desktop, what things you can do on desktop, creating new file, editing file, copying file, deleting file, creating folder, what is the use of explorer, what kind of advanced text editor is provided.

One of the important parts of any operating system is control panel; from you can configure and control your whole system. This course also gives brief idea about media player, user accounts, new user creation, text editor and short cut keys.

So this course is very basic course, if you don’t know about window 7 and you want to work efficiently on computer then it is not possible. This course is for computer beginners. After learning this course you will be able do operations on windows 7. There is no need to advanced course about windows 7. As you will start using it, you will be able to self-learn it easily.

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